10 years of Deadpool … and minor X-Men, poor career decisions by Ryan Reynolds and oh yeah, 2 movies

(image via IMP Awards)


Oh lordy but isn’t the marketing for Deadpool 2 almost, and I stress almost because let’s be honest, the movie is AMAAA-ZIIING (yes that is my vowel allotment for this post almost exhausted but I care not), as good as the film itself?

Deadpool on the covers of 16 iconic films. Posters innumerable that play merry with the idea of the film itself … and now this, a tongue-in-cheek, mockumentary of just 1 1/2 minutes that skewers, parodies and has its own satirical, self-deprecatory way with the usually very serious and introspective featurettes that accompany film releases these days like an over-eager entourage looking for validation through proximity.

This gem of a parodic featurette takes us through on a completely superficial, made-up, and downright hilarious 10th anniversary journey through the long journey from the idea of Deadpool as a feature film superhero, a few missteps – no, no to Green Lantern Ryan! Ah, too late – a hearty “HELL NO!” or possibly a few more, and the final release of Deadpool in 2016 which went on to establish a cinematic universe of two, count ’em, TWO, Deadpool movies.

Eat your heart our MCU! (Who may be marking their own ten-year anniversary but really who can tell?)

What’s next in phase 2? So, SO much but mainly more high-profile X-Men …

(source: io9 Gizmodo)


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