She’s still got it! (Of course) Angela Landsbury sings Beauty and the Beast theme #fansbury

  Around about the time that the world marked The International Angela Lansbury Appreciation Day, a delightful video emerged of the multi-talented and endlessly effervescent Angela Lansbury performing the theme from Beauty and the Beast as its 25th anniversary screening. This gala event, whch also featured the actors who played Continue Reading

Road to Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life #4: “They Shoot Gilmores Don’t They?” (S3, E7 review)

  It’s a sad fact of life but even in a town as magically quirky as Stars Hollow, where a Tennessee Williams look-a-like contest can put a bridge repair fund “right over the top” – thank you Taylor Doose (Michael Winters) – it’s still possible to have your heart broken. Yes, even Continue Reading


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