The evolution of Toy Story: How its animation style has changed over the years (video essay)

SNAPSHOTFrom Toy Story through Toy Story 4, Pixar has revolutionized [sic] animation in its nearly three decades of existence. Each new movie requires new technical innovations. Monster’s Inc. helped them create fur, Ratatouille helped them create wet fur, and Finding Dory led them to create an octopus from scratch. In Continue Reading

Christmas in July … listening to Christmas With Friends by india.arie and Joe Sample

If Christmas ever gave you a great big gorgeous warm and fuzzy chestnuts roasting over an open fire Family all around you hug, it would sound a lot like India Arie’s Christmas album, Christmas With Friends. Released in 2015, this is a lush, masterfully-arranged album thta captures the intangible sound Continue Reading


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