A Christmas tree you can see from space: Come join the apocalyptically-festive LEGO party!

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

It’s fair to say that celebrating Christmas is not exactly high on the list of priorities in your average garden variety apocalyptic wasteland?

After all, resources are slim to none, it’s really dusty and bleak, and there’s all that time that must be devoted to brooding sessions.

There surely isn’t time for a holiday party?

Oh yes there is if you’re Emmett (Chris Pratt) who masterminds an ice rink, a Christmas tree “you may or may not be able to see from space” and the provision of Batman’s “sweet nectar of joy”.

It’s all bright, funny, and very, very festive, helped along by Princess Unikitty’s (Alison Brie) ability to vomit rainbow-coloured tinsel-y glitter.

The apocalypse will never be the same again!


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