Adam Rex dares to ask – Are You Scared, Darth Vader?

(image via EW (c) Disney Lucasfilm Press)


Darth Vader scared? C’mon as if that would happen!

Ah yes, but what if he was left alone with a young kid on a sleepover who in that playfully relentless way kids have decided to see if he could scare a man who is the author of fear, and not generally it’s recipient.

But this little kid, and others, are going to test him and see if he can’t make a Sith Lord quail in his boots; it might seem like a fruitless task with Darth Vader, in the words of the author, Adam Rex “spends the entire book touting his unflappable invincibility” but they persist and persist, offering a delightful tale that may not be canon, but could get kids into watching the stuff that is, as Rex tells EW:

“I like the idea of this book presenting itself as a Star Wars introduction to kids who may be glancing at the toy aisle in department stores and seeing the movie posters but aren’t really sure if it’s for them or not …

“This gives them an introduction that they can manage, that they can literally manhandle. So by taking the series’ most iconic villain and turning him into their plaything, it will possibly help ease them into the universe. And that’s exactly what has happened with my own 6-year-old.”


(image via EW (c) Disney Lucasfilm Press)


The aim of the book, which uses a beguiling combination of model-making, photography, and drawing and painting to create its highly-appealing artwork, goes beyond this important goal though with Rex exploring all kinds of cool ideas such as how our idea of what is monstrous is turned itself often in the Star Wars universe:

“One thing I like about Star Wars, as a kid and also now, is the way man and monster is often subverted. Not always — there are rancors and Sarlaac pits — but that bigfoot over there? He’s the smuggler’s best friend and copilot. That fish-man? He’s an admiral. The real monsters are an empire of humans who are fascist about their humanity. So I think Star Wars encourages kids to understand that danger doesn’t always come in the most obvious package.” (

It’s this engaging blend of whimsy and substance, entertainment and thoughtfulness that makes Are You Scared, Darth Vader? look like such a great read, regardless your age.

Are You Scared, Darth Vader? is available right now … don’t be afraid to go out and buy it!

You can read full interviews with Adam Rex at EW and


(image via EW (c) Disney Lucasfilm Press)


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