Animated Easter eggs for all! Pixar reveals some Shorts surprises

“Toy Story That Time Forgot” (image courtesy Pixar / Disney)


One of the great joys of going to see a Pixar film, and there are many, are the sweet nuggets of storytelling that proceed them, five-minute animation shorts that manage to introduce characters, make you care about them and tell at utterly immersive story in less time than it takes to boil an egg.

In honour of the much-revered place these shorts have in our modern cinematic experience, and how much a part of Pixar’s ongoing narrative they are, the much-loved animation powerhouse has released a new compilation video that beautifully weaves together the shorts and the films they precede.

The linking together is intricate, a work of art that bolsters the mind-blowingly clever Pixar Theory that every single tale in the Pixar universe is beautifully and wonderfully connected, and you’ll have a ball discovering what appears where and how much a part of the greater whole Pixar’s fabulous shorts are.

So sit back, press play and marvel at how the storytelling of Pixar is even more imaginative and clever that you thought it was, a staggering feat since even at first glance, it’s an impressively and joyously complex body of work.

(source: Digital Spy)


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