Are marshmallows for bouncing or eating? Lucas the Spider finds out in “Fun with Findley”

(image via YouTube (c) Cartoon Network)

That’s so Findley! Lucas is so excited for you to meet his friend Findley the Fly™ who loves to laugh, eat, and play with Lucas in his new show for the whole family on Cartoonito coming to Cartoon Network THIS FALL! (synopsis via YouTube (c) Cartoon Network)

It’s a debate as old as time itself.

Well, maybe not that old to be fair, but who among us hasn’t wondered whether it’s better to bounce on a marshmallow or eat it?

Granted, we are not Lucas the Spider or Findley the Fly™ and so the actual logistics of bouncing or eating are a whole other order of likely unrealistic magnitude, but it makes for a fun discussion and a great way for two friends to spend some time together.

Especially if the two friends are going to feature in a new show on Cartoonito in the US autumn which promises to be all kinds of fun.

How could it not be? Lucas the Spider, created by animator Joshua Slice, who made his debut on 5 November, 2017, in a sweet, lovely fellow who simply wants to be friends with everyone.

Voiced by Slice’s nephew, Lucas is one of those characters you want to spend time with, and while bouncing on marshmallows may not be an option for grown-up people, eating certainly is and it’s fairly certain that Lucas would love to join you doing that.

The new Lucas the Spider TV show premieres on 18 September, 2021.

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