Author Annalee Newitz takes us on an alternate adventure to The Future of Another Timeline

(cover image via Gizmodo (c) Tor Books)

A dark thriller from Annalee Newitz about the lengths we’ll go to protect the ones we love. In a modern-day United States that’s just a step away from our own, time travel is possible. But a secret war is brewing over access to history. Tess is a geologist desperately trying to change the past. Beth is a teenage riot grrl who has witnessed a murder that will forever shape her future. Across the timeline, a group of men are trying to destroy time travel. If they succeed, only a small elite will have the power to shape the past, present, and future. A final confrontation is coming. Our only hope lies with an unlikely group of allies, their lives separated by centuries, battling for a world where anyone can change the future. (synopsis via Gizmodo)

Annalee Newitz is one amazing person.

Not content with founding io9, a site which devotes itself to, and I quote from Wikipedia for they have compiled quite the list, “the subjects of science fiction, fantasy, futurism, science, technology and related areas”, the author, editor and journalist, has successfully, very successfully indeed really, to writing books, both fictional and non-fictional.

Her latest effort, which from the excerpt alone is as wonderfully, poetically and compellingly immersive as her previous novel Autonomous, is The Future of Another Timeline which is, as the synopsis reveals, a gloriously-rip roaring time travel epic.

While we have to wait until 24 September 2019 to read the book in full, there is a sampler on Gizmodo, which begins thus and makes you wish that the ninth month of the year was just a tad bit earlier.

Now if we only had a time machine right?

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