The changing face of television

“I’m freeee!” This is instantly recognisable to anyone over 35 as the less than subtle catchphrase of Mr Humphries, the flamboyant menswear salesman from the 1970s British sitcom, “Are You Being Served?”(1972-1985). Though he was never explicitly identified as a gay man, it was clear from his mannerisms and innuendo-laden Continue Reading

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Just listened to…

SCISSOR SISTERS. Or more precisely my three favourite songs off their last time, Nightworks, which has been out awhile now, but is still the perfect soundtrack to pounding the footpath early in the morning as I exercise in the hope of shrinking down to the size of my twenty year Continue Reading

Drive (review)

This movie, starring Ryan Gosling as Driver (you never really learn his name), who drives stunt cars by day, and getaway cars by night, was not at all what I expected.I was aware going in that it is not a Fast & Furious clone, occupying a place in the movie Continue Reading

Midnight in Paris (review)

Woody Allen is back in fine form. All the whimsy, imagination, and verbal cleverness we have come to expect from this gifted movie maker are all on show here, in a movie that looks as beautiful as it sounds. It begins with a gloriously sublime montage of images of Paris, Continue Reading


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