Avengers Infinity War is a hoot! Yeah, not really – but its gag reel is

(image via IMP Awards)


Boy oh boy wasn’t Avengers Infinity War the funniest movie ever?!

I mean, what a thigh-slapping, rib-tickling laughfest of galactic proportions!

It was all I could do not to … OK, really, this was one GRIM, I say again, GRIM film and you were a cold person indeed if you walked out of the cinema skipping along and singing a merry tune.

But fear not, while we still have roughly a year to go until we find what ultimately happened to all our favourite Marvel superheroes, there’s now a gag reel available to add some jollity (and bleating goats!) to a film not exactly overflowing with it.

My suggestion? Watch the film again, and then take this gag reel as a funny bone chaser. (Trust me, you’ll need it.)


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