Avenue 5: In space Armando Iannucci can definitely hear you laugh

(image via YouTube (c) HBO)

Set four decades in the future, Avenue 5 boldly imagines a world where the rich feel entitled to not only the world, but also the solar system. Cool and capable Captain Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie) pilots the show’s titular space cruiser, of which Herman Judd (Josh Gad) is the billionaire face—Judd’s obnoxious personal branding, remarkably bad haircut and penchant for gaudy, golden decor all feel strangely familiar. When the Avenue 5’s ride gets a bit rougher than expected, it’s up to the ship’s kindly, but nihilistic customer relations head Matt Spencer (Zach Woods) to calm their passengers down: “This is a safe space … emotionally. Physically, we’re obviously in terrible danger,” he admits, failing miserably to ease their frayed nerves. Though he puts on a braver face than his subordinate, Captain Clark seems more concerned with getting from point A to B than ensuring that his hoity-toity passengers enjoy the ride. (synopsis (c) Paste Magazine)

Oh my but doesn’t Armando Iannucci have a wondrous way with words, and quite fortuitously, a wickedly insightful mind that not only incisively observes the world around him but which can then turn those observations into brilliantly scatching hilarious television.

Fresh from the comedic triumph that was, and always will be, VEEP, Iannucci is now taking us into space courtesy of HBO’s new space tourism comedy Avenue 5.

While an exact broadcast date has been advised yet, the trailer whets the appetites for space-based laughs so masterfully and succinctly that waiting for the show to appear on television feels like it’s going to be an agonising wait.

In the meantime why not just sit back, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and give thanks to all the sainted galactic gods that you’re safe here on planet Earth.

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