Awww stormtroopers are (alien) cat people too

(image via YouTube (c) Henrik Tomenius)

I Miss You is a touching animated short created by artist Henrik Tomenius about a Stormtrooper missing his cute little alien cat who is far, far away. (synopsis (c) Laughing Squid)

I’m a Rebel Alliance kind of guy.

I want the goodies to win … and the baddies? Well, I want them to be bested, their Death Stars destroyed and their legions of poorly-shooting stormtroopers to be sent to the dark place in Force hell waiting for them.

BUT … after seeing this exquisitely sweet piece of brilliant short animation from Henrik Tomenius aka Twistedspeedo – To the Rescue! where a homesick stormtrooper sentimentally tells his alien cat that he’s missing him in the most touching of ways, well, let’s just say, if one stormtrooper can escape certain death and the inevitable triumphing of good over evil, then I hope it’s him.

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