Beware the kitteh: Jurassic Park but with a cat

(image via Nerdist (c) OwlKitty)

Cats rule.

Sorry dogs, you might be adorable and man’s best friend and rescue Timmy from a well like it’s going out fashion, but it’s true – cats rule and it’s seems only fair that popular culture reflect that.

Even, in the case of Jurassic Park but with a cat, gloriously after the fact.

Created by YouTube talent OwlKitty and his partner, Jurassic Park but with a cat is part of a series of inspired parody videos that place the couple’s cat Lizzy in the centre of the action and as Nerdist reports, it’s a considerable list of big screen starring roles.

This latest video is a return to where it all began for OwlKitty. Her first video that went viral was also a Jurassic Park scene. Only that time, OwlKitty stepped in as a raptor. Since then, she’s appeared in iconic films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, The Lord of the Rings, and tons more. Maybe one of the best parodies features OwlKitty as the shark in Jaws. Or, in this instance, Claws. (synopsis (c) Nerdist)

Lizzy, it is safe to say, has the acting panache and feline presence to pull off her new starring as the First Kitteh of Hollywood and while the videos may be filmed, in the words of Lizzy’s “owner” – yes, yes, we know, the cat actually him and his girlfriend Olivia – using “just a rolled-up green screen that’s all wrinkled. And an iPhone on a sh**ty tripod”, it’s fair to say that this is one cat who will an A-lister before too long.

Correction, she is already; she is a cat after all.

For more amazing OwlKitty videos, go to YouTube

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