Bing Bong on the small screen? Butch Hartman has some cool ideas for Pixar TV spinoffs

Bing Bong loves Rainbow Unicorn, an ardour that is not reciprocated and thus a perfect TV show premise (artwork (c) Butch Hartman)


Pixar is a creative well that never seems to run dry.

Pretty much every film – with the exception of Cars 1-3 which has not really connected with me in anyway – brings with it a wealth of memorable characters, a involving, heartfelt and intelligent narrative and a life lesson of some kind that is always organically woven in, saving you from developing the kind of morality headache many other cartoons dish out.

In short there’s lots to play with, and play with it Butch Hartman, creator of the superlatively good Fairly Oddparents, does as he imagines what Pixar spinoffs on the small screen might look like.

I can only hope that Pixar is paying close attention to these gems of ideas because each and every one of them would make Saturday morning cartooning, hell any time of the day really, an absolute joy!



For instance Bing Bong, the poignantly-realised discard imaginary friend from Inside Out could star opposite big dream star Rainbow Uniforn (Joy is a fan! A BIG FAN!) in Dream Productions with the grist for the comedy mill coming from diametrically-opposed acting styles. Oh the hilarity!

Or Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. as a stand up comedian making kids laugh like crazy from the Laughter Floor, the much-funnier replacement for the Scare Floor at the heart of Monstropolis.

Or even Carl, Russell and quite possibly my favourite Pixar character, Doug the Dog (UP), in Wilderness Explorers ranging far and wide in search of all kinds of adventures. Sign me up to the Wilderness Scouts please!

Honestly so certain am I that these ideas are inspired works of cartooning genius, that I am fully prepare to camp out in front of my TV and wait for these Pixar TV spinoffs to appear.

Are they here yet? Are they? Sigh … I’ll wait …

(source: io9)


Mike Wazowski is killing it tonight making the kids of the world laugh like crazy (artwork (c) Butch Hartman)

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