Can Dan Stevens reset the world in Kill Switch?

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We all have stressful days right?

Car won’t start. Boss is an ass. Trains don’t run to time. An attempt to tap into the supposedly limitless energy of alternate dimensions goes awry and ends the world as we know it.

Wait … what?!

Well, if you’re Dan Stevens, that’s exactly what happens, and it’s on his shoulders, and his shoulders alone, that the fate of the world hangs precariously.

Not going to complain about your less-than-optimal latte now are you?

Well, you still can but if Stevens’ character Will Porter doesn’t work a miracle then complaining about poor coffee is way down the list of daily concerns.

To find out if civilisation is saved, watch Kill Switch by first time filmmaker Tim Smit – the film is based on his short What’s in the Box – whenit becomes available on Ultra VOD 19 May and then in select cinemas and via VOD on 16 June.

(source: EW)


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