Can’t an evil Sith Lord get interviewed in peace anymore? (Parody video)

The trouble with droids! (image via YouTube (c) Jack of all Genius)


In this fantastically-fast, interconnected digital world of ours, it doesn’t take long for anyone to see the latest viral video sensation nor for people to begin parodying the hilarious hell out of it, mostly to great effect.

Such was the case when a video of Professor Robert Kelly being interviewed from his home office in Seoul, South Korea, by BBC News went madly viral – it’s currently been viewed just under 22 million items – and catapulted the family into the midst of intense public scrutiny for a good 48 hours or so.

Leaving aside all the derogatory comments and flagrantly racist remarks, all of which make you wonder just when these people sold their souls to Satan and was it really worth it, one of the delightful outcomes has been the giddy torrent of parody videos including the one featured here by YouTube creator Jack of Real Genius, which shows a near-unflappable Darth Vader continuing his interview with one Emperor Palpatine while R2-D2 and BB-8 careen, bleeping like crazy, into the room pursued by a frantic Princess Leia.

It’s just flat out funny and brilliant play on the mirth-inducing vagaries of parenthood and live television.

(source: Laughing Squid)



And just in case the parody didn’t make complete sense, here’s the original interview that inspired it all and a subsequent interview with Professor Robert Kelly and his delightful wife and kids.



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