Up goes the Easter Beagle! Decorating my Easter tree with five pop culture ornaments – Tigger, Snoopy and Woodstock, Bugs Bunny, Taz Devil and Charlie Brown

I have an Easter tree! Yes, that is a little unusual to most people but dig down into the community of fervent Christmas tree decorators, of which I am a happy part, and you will discover that decorating for the festive season twice a year (yes, Christmas in July is Continue Reading

Graphic novel review: Lifeformed – Cleo Makes Contact (vol. 1) and Hearts and Minds (vol. 2)

Alien invasions are, for the most part, treated as popcorn-chomping blockbuster spectacles replete with big epic action sequences, lives in mortal and imminent danger and big stakes battles between good (us; for once) and evil (most certainly them). They do not generally have time, what with all the awe-inspiring spaceship Continue Reading


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