Three invigoratingly indie movie trailers – Standing Up, Falling Down + The Kindness of Strangers + A Simple Wedding

There is something about character-driven films that really engage you in a movie. Granted, the really good blockbusters also have strong characterisation too and without it are just a lot of special effects signifying not much of anything, but it’s the indies, the smaller, human-focused dramas and comedies that really Continue Reading

The short and the short of it: Pushy doughnut demands to be eaten in Plaisir Sucré

SNAPSHOTIn the really amusing animated short “Plaisir Sucre” by MegaComputer Animation, a highly assertive pink frosted doughnut makes its way onto an office desk and challenges Stephane, a hapless worker, to eat him. When the worker refuses, the doughnut becomes more and more aggressive until Stephane is forced out of Continue Reading

Do Rick and Morty and Back to the Future have anything in common? Turns out they just might

SNAPSHOT As we see in today’s boomer, millennial and zoomer animosity, generational divides can seem so impenetrable that connecting with each other might as well require time travel. ‘Back to the Future’ made this literal when Marty had to meet his parents at his age to understand them. In the Continue Reading


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