On 7th day of Christmas … I put 15 more pop culture ornaments on my tree incl. Paddington, View-Master, Goofy, Smurfette, Olaf (Frozen) + Blondie

Is there such a thing as too many new Christmas ornaments. I say NO, although my boyfriend likely thinks there is as the tubs of ornaments threaten to overwhelm our apartment (for the record he loves Christmas and my love of the season), which is why I went crazy this Continue Reading

On 6th day of Christmas … Festive singing, dancing and all the feels with Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas (movie review)

Christmas is usually the most wonderful time of the year. But when you have just lost someone impossibly near and dear to me, and you have have fond and abiding memories of Christmas, it can often feel like the land that happiness forgot, a season awash in jollity, tinsel and Continue Reading

On 5th day of #Christmas … I rewatched The Muppet Christmas Carol

Can you think of anything better than Christmas with the Muppets? How about Christmas with the Muppets as they bring quirky but affecting life to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, his immortal tale of festive redemption and renewal in which cruelly fossilised businessman Ebenezer Scrooge, played in this heartwarming iteration Continue Reading

On 1st day of Christmas … I put 15 pop culture ornaments on my tree incl. The Rescuers, UP, Toy Story, Ahsoka Tano, Peanuts, Dr Seuss + Scooby-Doo

We all know history repeats itself thanks to the ongoing presence of human being in the process who alas have shown a freakish propensity for making the same mistakes over and over and over again, but did 2021 really have to ape 2020 so completely and absolutely? I think we Continue Reading


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