"The Muppets" (Review)

“Wacka Wacka!”“Kermieeeee….”“Mee mee mee…” I have had Muppet voices talking in my head for over 24 hours and I couldn’t be more delighted. After much too much time apart, I have spent quality time with the delightful icons of my childhood, and it was, without exception, every bit as good Continue Reading

Ides of March (review)

Purity of belief is a powerful thing. It undergirds the faithful, drives the true believer and blinds the zealot. It is a virtue. It is a liability. It is the catalyst for war and the handmaiden of peace… … and it is a stranger to the art of politics, which Continue Reading

Drive (review)

This movie, starring Ryan Gosling as Driver (you never really learn his name), who drives stunt cars by day, and getaway cars by night, was not at all what I expected.I was aware going in that it is not a Fast & Furious clone, occupying a place in the movie Continue Reading

Midnight in Paris (review)

Woody Allen is back in fine form. All the whimsy, imagination, and verbal cleverness we have come to expect from this gifted movie maker are all on show here, in a movie that looks as beautiful as it sounds. It begins with a gloriously sublime montage of images of Paris, Continue Reading

Crazy Stupid Love (Review)

What a perfectly constructed, beautifully and intelligently written, and brilliantly acted movie. It follows a series of threads that examine love in all its crazy, stupid glory – Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) and his wife Emily (Julianne Moore), high school sweethearts who face major changes in their relationship after 25 Continue Reading


What would you do if your 75 year old father, just one week after the death of his wife, and your mother, announced to you, and the world that he was gay, always had been, and wanted to explore as fully and richly as he could before he too slipped Continue Reading


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