On 4th day of Christmas … I listened to A Sentimental Christmas with Nat “King” Cole and Friends – Cole Classics Reimagined

It is possible for a Christmas album to actually feel like the season after which it is named? Almost as if Christmas has taken on some sort of gloriously heartwarming, reassuring form and come to us complete with all the love, happiness and hope of the season decanted into a Continue Reading

On 2nd day of Christmas … I listened to When Christmas Comes Around … by Kelly Clarkson

Coming back around for a second go at creating a warm-and-huggable Christmas vibe – her first festive record Wrapped in Red (2013) made quite the seasonal impression when it landed, anchored by that powerfully emotive voice and a gift for somehow sounding traditional and original all at once – powerhouse Continue Reading

Songs, songs and more Christmas songs: ABBA, Michael Bublé, Meghan Trainor, Gary Barlow Manchester Orchestra+ The Muppets get Animal-istically festive

Christmas music is wonderful. Granted it may wear thin when you’re in retail and listening to the same tracks day after tinsel-saturated day, but for a great many of us, music adds some extra whimsically charming, emotionally uplifting specialness to a season already brimming with a magical sense of hope Continue Reading

Already listening to Christmas music: Quick reviews of new albums by Josh Turner, Darren Criss and Kristin Chenoweth

It’s a question as old as time, or at least the festive season, anyway – when should you begin listening to Christmas music? There are some, of course, who will quite seriously question why you stopped at all, wholly convinced, and honestly after the hellscape of the last two years Continue Reading

Songs, songs and more songs #58: Agnes, The Regrettes, iamnotshane, Running Touch, Flight Facilities (feat. BROODS) + new ABBA single + Eurovision 2022 update

What a year! So much pressure and exhaustion and dashed hopes and expectations as COVID once again trashed its way across normal life and left us wondering which way is up and what is time. Thankfully, while we have felt trapped in a prison not of our making, some very Continue Reading


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