Songs, songs and more songs #2: SOAK, Dido, Beirut, Dodie, The Japanese House + Eurovision update

Life is a many-complicated thing. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s supposed to be “splendoured” but really sometimes, it doesn’t feel so much wondrous as complicated, a mix of the god and the bad, the lovely and the not-so-much and moments rich with potential but ripe with disappointment. Sure, we all Continue Reading

Songs songs and more Australia Day songs: KAIIT, Carmouflage Rose, Eilish Gilligan, Samsurah, Jesswar

Australia’s national day is not without controversy. Situated since 1994 on 26 January when European settlement of Australia began, displacing an indigenous people who had been on the continent for 60,000 years, the day is increasingly seen as marking invasion rather than a celebration of nationhood, with calling to #changethedate Continue Reading


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