Fear the Walking Dead: “Welcome to the Club” (S6, E2 review) + The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “The Tyger and the Lamb” (S1, E3 review)

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD … AND SWEET, SWEET ZOMBIES … You could safely say that being smack bang in the midst of the zombie apocalypse is a great big steamy pile of the proverbial. Metaphorically speaking, of course, and as it turns in episode 2, “Welcome to the Continue Reading

How does Stranger Things set the mood? Lessons From the Screenplay investigates

Stranger Things, an undeniable watercooler hit par excellence which is soon (“soon” being a relative concept in these COVID-delayed times; don’t hold your breath is all I’d say) to treat us to a fourth season of Spielbergian ’80s horror-filled delights, has never been short on atmosphere. It has always had Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “The End is the Beginning” (S6, E1 review) + The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “Blaze of Gory” (S1, E2 review)

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD If you can cast your mind, lo these many months back to when season five of Fear the Walking Dead (is there any other option, really?), you will recall that the Smiling Dictator Virginia (Colby Minifie) had split up our merry band of survivors, casting everyone Continue Reading


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