“Grimm” news from Comic-Con

Yes I know you must appreciate the witty double play on Grimm which naturally has not been used by anyone else ever. Now my startlingly original use of this show’s title out of the way – you can email and tweet your acknowledgement of my comic brilliance at some other Continue Reading

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New sci-fi show announced: “Defiance”

  Another sci-fi series. Another bleak dystopian view of the future. The thing is that Defiance looks immensely promising, both because of its imaginative premise, but also because of the ability it will have, if properly exercised, to look at major social issues such as immigration, social cohesion and scarcity Continue Reading

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All new “Firefly”!

Now before you get too excited, there will not be, alas and alack, new episodes of one of the best sci-fi shows ever produced coming our way any time soon, if ever. (It was such a gift to have the tale concluded in the movie, Serenity, named apart the ship Continue Reading

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“Walking Dead” season 3

I am not sure when it happened exactly, since zombies still scared the proverbial out of me, but thanks to my housemate, who is a devoted viewer of The Walking Dead, I have begun to appreciate what a cleverly constructed drama it is. Like many genre shows such as Star Continue Reading

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