The best Christmas present of all – The Vicar of Dibley is coming back to our screens

2020 has been beyond a doubt the kind of year that calls out for some cleverly-written, very funny comfort food. Thankfully all those calls into the desperate ether have been answered with some very welcome Geraldine Granger-centric news, according the the good folk at Bleeding Cool: “The BBC’s classic comedy Continue Reading

The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “Truth or Dare” (S1, E7 review) + Fear the Walking Dead: “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg” (S6, E6 review)

THE WALKING DEAD: THE WORLD BEYOND SPOILERS AHEAD … AND AN ART GALLERY IN A TRUCK AND LYING FOR GOOD REASONS … Who doesn’t love a light and unburdened soul? Let’s face it, most of us will choose spilling the truth, if only to make ourselves feel better and perhaps Continue Reading

Star Trek: Discovery – “Die Trying” (S3, E5 review) / The Mandalorian – “Chapter 11: The Heiress” (S2, E3 review)

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY SPOILERS AHEAD … AND PLANTS RUN AMUCK …. If you ever wanted a Star Trek episode, no matter the series, and you’re likely well aware their number is legion, or soon to be at least, that absolutely, perfectly and completely encapsulates how this most idealistic of franchises Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “Honey” (S6, E5 review) + The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “Shadow Puppets” (S1, E6 review)

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD … AND THE WORST MASK PARTY *EVER* … Life is woefully short on fairytales. That’s even more the case in the zombie apocalypse where the scarcity of happy-ever-afters and princesses finding and kissing their princes (or princesses) is all too apparent. So, you have Continue Reading

The Mandalorian – Chapter 10: The Passenger (S2, E2 review) / Star Trek: Discovery – “Forget Me Not” (S3, E4 review)

THE MANDALORIAN SPOILERS AHEAD … AND STAR WARS EASTER EGGS GALORE … In a franchise with a history as illustrious and long-lasting as Star Wars, it’s all but inevitable, and thoroughly, wonderfully welcome, that its books, movies, and in this case, TV shows, will feature a treasure trove of Easter Continue Reading

Fear the Walking Dead: “The Key” (S6, E4 review) + The Walking Dead: World Beyond – “Madman Across the Water” (S1, E5 review)

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS AHEAD … AND A SHAMBLING HERCULE POIROT … Two episodes may not necessarily a comeback make but following on from last week’s wholly emotionally resonant episode, “Alaska”, Fear the Walking Dead seems to have its pulse again. While it does still seem to be veering Continue Reading


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