Christmas in July: Lucas the Spider makes some festive friends

(image via YouTube © 2018 Fresh Interactive Inc)

Lucas the Spider is freaking adorable any time of the year.

But there’s something about Christmas, a time of peace, goodwill and togetherness (and stripey festive peppermints), that makes him even more adorably sweet as he tries to befriend a fly to be his buddy at the most wonderful time of the year.

What makes this particular episode so enchanting, apart from how guileless and friendly Lucas (created by Joshua Slice and voiced by his nephew), is that he is genuinely disappointed when the fly, usually prey for spiders, isn’t that enthused about striking up an enduring friendship, let alone one for the season.

But it’s magical time of the year and eventually Lucas’s doggedly lovely persistence pays off in the most festive and heartwarming, and yes, funny, of ways.

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