Cinema bricks: The films of 2018 get LEGO’d

(image via YouTube courtesy Toscano Bricks/LEGO)

All hail end of year lists!

Everyone loves to do them, including yours truly, and at their best, they provide great insight into what a particular thought was the best, and yes, worst, of the year.

You might not always agree with them but it makes you reflect on how you assessed the year and who knows see things a little differently.

Fantastically-talented YouTube LEGO video creator Toscano Bricks, whose work is nothing less than imaginatively superlative has joined the end of the year review rush but with a big difference – his choices employ the power of LEGO and they are as varied as bunch as you might expect, according to The Nerdist.

“It opens with the heartbreaking goodbye moment between Peter Parker and Tony Stark from the end of Infinity War, before expanded to include a wide variety of film references, from Cher in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, to Mark Rylance as James Halliday in Ready Player One, to Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2. Other memorable characters from the year announce themselves throughout the colorful montage. I especially love seeing the “I hate you”/”I know” callback between Lando and Han from Solo: A Star Wars Story in the mix; the entire video is full of pleasant winks to the films it features, including actual dialogue from the actors.”

You might be tempted to skip over the end of year lists, reasoning that you know what you like, but even if that’s the case, check out at least this one and marvel, if nothing else, at the brilliance and creativity of its execution.

And you knows? You might be inspired to check out a film you once dismissed.

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