Cluck cluck cluck zoom! Blast off with Space Chickens in Space!

(image courtesy CAKE)


Why should pigs have all the fun in space, right?

Back in the ’70s, and yes, I remember when it was all on TV, The Muppet Show gave us Pigs in Space! and behold the world was a wondrous, wacky and very funny, over-the-top place.

Now lo all these years later, and after what I can only assume has been some strenuous fowl lobbying (I apologise for nothing) by fellow farmyward animals, chickens are finally heading into the great starry beyond with Space Chickens in Space, a joint production of British production company CAKE, Australia’s Studio Moshi, Mexico’s Ánima and Ireland’s Gingerbread Animation.

Designed and directed by Norwegian animators Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten, the 52 11-minute episodes which tell the story of some quite remarkable chickens according to Bleeding Cool:

Space Chickens in Space (which though while redundant, does an excellent job of clearing up any confusion there might be that the Space Chickens are in a Trader Joe’s or something) tells the story of three chickens who are mistakenly taken from their homes and enrolled in an elite intergalactic former military academy. The siblings need all their wits and each other to survive in this world full of aliens and tricky homework challenges.”

Sure the series might be aimed at 6 to 11 year-olds but as Ben and Holly Little Kingdom and countless other shows have gloriously demonstrated, you’re never too old to let your inner kid run free or, it must be noted, blast off into space with a bunch of kidnapped and militarily-trained chickens … in SPAAAAACE!


(image courtesy CAKE)
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