“Community” gets even more animated than usual in season finale

You have to hand it to the gang at Community.

They are the most creative, innovative team in the TV industry. Not content with staying within standard sitcom boundaries, or even reality’s boundaries for that matter, they are constantly coming up with clever ways to tell a story and they’re at it again with one of the episodes in a triple-final episode extravaganza where the gang from Greendale become avatars in an old style video game.

(image via hollywoodreporter.com)

But why you ask are the good folks of Community avatars in a video game? Well this being a show that often defies convention there doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason but this time, happily for our funny bones, there is one. In the episode entitled “Digital Estate Planning”, the study group go with Pierce to a meeting with Gilbert Lawson Once Upon a Time‘s Giancarlo Esposito), his deceased father’s right hand man, to discuss Pierce’s inheritance.

What would be fairly staid meeting in any other show, becomes a giddily funny descent into the hilariously unusual when everyone has to play the video game, and presumably win at it, for Pierce to retain his inheritance. Let the guffaws begin I say!

(image via hollywoodreporter.com)

The triple bunger episodes are airing Thursday night US time.


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