Community is back filming again!

So excited that Community has started filming season 3 – due to hit US screens in September – and to kick things off in style, some wag at the offices (this photo comes courtesy of Joel McHale’s Twitter feed) acknowledged their unforgiveable Emmys snub in the best way possible:

In other exciting news, John Goodman, the awesome star of Roseanne, and currently Damages, is joining Community for a limited episode arc as the Vice Dean. Can’t wait!
Here’s some stuff provided by Alison Brie’s twitter feed (who plays Annie Edison on the show) from the set of Community. It cracked me up and shows what a goofball Danny Pudi (Abed) is in his own time….
Danny ‘owling’ on set
Here, Danny grooves to NPR News on day 3 of filming…

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