Community is back!

After far too long a hiatus, Community jumps back on TV screens – well US TV screens anyway – next week and I am thrilled!

(This fabulous promo for Community’s return was put together by Thedoboreel on Youtube and is beyond awesome)

It is hands down of the most inventive, clever comedies on television and news that its idiosyncratic, deliriously funny world is back on public view is enough to lift this boy’s spirits on a rain-soaked dismal day in the office.

Thankfully, NBC, the station on which it airs in the USA, is promoting it on social media especially Twitter like their ratings life depends on it – which for the fourth placed network, it does! – including asking fans to come up with a great hashtag to be used whenever tweeting about the show.

The winner, #coolcoolcool, was announced an hour or so ago (it will be featured on screen the March 15 episode), and while we waited with baited breath, and in paintball splattered clothing for the announcement, @nbc community ran a competition asking people to combine Troy and Abed with any of the prevailing internet memes (#TroyandAbedInternetMeme) and this is some of the entries they received, all of which are fantastically clever and inspired!

Sad Keanu meme
Sad Keanu meme - submitted by @Miss_Early
What we actually do
What we actually do - submitted by @LBKinson
Nerds you want to be them
Nerds you want to be them - submitted by @bwbishop
How about Troy and Abed and Leo
How about Troy and Abed and Leo - submitted by @Miss_Early
Lol Catz Troy and Abed
Lol Catz Troy and Abed - submitted by @unusualyou13
Troy and Abed get breaded
Troy and Abed get breaded - submitted by @amadie

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