Cookie Monster hungrily handles a giant edible dinosaur in Sesame Street’s Jurassic Park parody

(image via YouTube (c) Childrens' Television Workshop)
(image via YouTube (c) Childrens’ Television Workshop)


Technology is a marvellous thing isn’t it?

It gives us the power to speak to a friend far away in an instant, or even fly quickly to see them, allows us to cure disease, throw together a dazzling, motivational Powerpoint presentation on a whim … and yes, create giant rampaging cookie dinosaurs from prehistoric crumbs trapped in amber …

Wait … wait … what what?!

You heard me, or read me rather, thanks to the power of advanced scientific-ness and a damn good oven, it’s possible to whip up a walking, talking, lumbering edible dinosaur who may or may be out to eat you (he could, if you’re paying attention, be after something else entirely).

Which is exactly what Cookie Monster does until one day in Jurassic Cookie as the rampaging and the lumbering kick into top gear, and he wonders how he can stop this beast conjured up from ancient slivers of butter, eggs and sugar.

The only trouble is, the warning sign, which gives clear instructions on what to do in the case of an emergency, has had most of its final word chomped off, leaving only a tantalising letter “H” behind.

What could it all mean for a Jeep-driving ancient cookie-summoning mogul and his grandchildren (yes Cookie Monster has progeny of his progeny in this hilarious number) and will they figure out what to do in time?

Quite a bit in fact, and of course, yes, since this is one of Sesame Street‘s enormously clever, very funny pop culture parodies, which are thankfully legion, this time taking the educational mickey out of Jurassic Park as its more modern successor Jurassic World storms its way to box office domination.

It could be that all you need is something reasonably warm and cuddly rather than all that newfangled technology but then you’ll have to watch this brilliantly entertaining video to find out.


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