Douze points? Mais non! 12 Eurovision entries that didn’t score a single point

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There are many things that are memorable about the Eurovision Song Contest.

The songs. The costumes. The staging – pyrotechnics, key changes, costume reveals, wind machines, odd props and back-up singers that look like in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And then, of course, there are the songs that attract NUL points or no points at all.

It’s not an official part of the scoring since the lowest you can award is 1 point but it is possible for a country to be awarded no points at all from any of the countries in the competition since there are only so many points to be allocated and a whole lot of countries.

So by virtue of neglect, a country can end up stone motherless pointless and the object of affectionate, or outright, scorn and ridicule.

Digital Spy has handily gathered together some of the most memorable nul pointers of all which you can check out and a warning – some of the haircuts may offend.


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2 thoughts on “Douze points? Mais non! 12 Eurovision entries that didn’t score a single point

  1. I voted for some of these songs but it didn’t help.
    But I remember that in 1995 Germany got one point from the last jury, saving it the Nil-Point membership, but the point seemed to add insult to injury.
    In 1991 Yugoslavia sat on the one point the got from the second jury for the rest of the evening. Then I thought, too, that Nil Point might have been perferrable 😉

    1. It’s an odd system and songs I think are fun or really enjoyable go nowhere. I am now resigned to the fact that my tastes do not match those of the Eurovision judges or the public LOL

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