Drawing Wallace the Brave: Will Henry brings his protagonist to life

(artwork (c) Will Henry / courtesy GoComics)


As a writer who is, naturally enough, most comfortable with moving words merrily around a page, I am endlessly fascinated by the way artists, whose talents I most assuredly do not share alas, exercise their creative gift.

This fascination increases inestimably when it is an artists drawing a comic strip or poster for a movie I adore, and the best thing of all is actually seeing how they do it.

It’s as if the Wizard of Oz has peeled back the curtain of his own volition to reveal he is in fact not a fraud at all, but every bit as good, if not better, that you knew him to be.

Will Henry, who draws the utterly brilliant Wallace the Brave comic strip, has just done this via his Twitter account and it is every bit as wonderful as you’d expect. (The comic strip has also been featured on US public radio network NPR.)

In one beguiling minute he takes us from an indeterminate (to this untrained eye at least) smudge of pencil to a sketched out scene which shows Wallace reading in the idyllic forest that surrounds his seaside hometown of Snug Harbor to a glory of colour that leaps up from the page in all its bucolic, seagull-enhanced glory.

Pulling back the curtain has never been more entertaining …


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