So no one told you the galaxy was gonna be this way – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine meets Friends

(image courtesy IMDb (c) Paramount)

Yes, someone has mixed the highly memorable and damn neat iconic Friends theme song with yet another TV show, in this case, shots of the main characters from my favourite Star Trek show Deep Space Nine, and yes you could wonder if it’s worth another trip down this particular mash-up rabbit hole?

The answer, at least this time is that it is very much worth watching this 47-second gem from near-anonymous YouTube user Sheldon, who has a clear and abiding love for the show, because it simultaneously and beautifully captures the spirit of this most unconventional Star Trek show and its mash-up mate as Nerdist notes:

“Sheldon nails the Friends vibe in this mashup, perfectly matching the sitcom’s theme song to bits and pieces of DS9. Starfleet commander Sisko dancing and gambling, Worf looking at some gold underpants, and Kira singing in cocktail attire all work flawlessly as slices of comedy. There’s even a sequence of kisses at the end that would definitely tantalize viewers into tuning in… If Deep Space Nine meet Friends was a real show.”

This perfectly realised coming together of two quite different shows is proof positive that not at all mash-ups are created equal, and that while, as Nerdist observes, it might be fun “to see a is a deep space visitation from Joey and Ross” in the future, this creative triumph by Sheldon is perfect and exactly what we need right now when feel good escapism and sheet fun seems very hard to come by.

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