Eurovision 2012: All the world is a (very brightly lit) stage

So no doubt it’s been keeping you up at night wondering how awesome the stage will be upon which the countries of Eurovision will strut their talented stuff?

Well fret in sleepless ignorance no more. For behold, I bring you glad tidings of great Eurovision joy – yes I know I paraphrased the Bible’s Christmas story somewhat there but I think that is allowed at an event as inclusive as Eurovision – and have pictures of the stage!

But before that, here’s Scott Mills and Sarah Cox of BBC Three in front of the famed – some might say infamous given the social dislocation its construction has caused – Crystal Hall where Eurovision 2012 will take place.

Scott and Sara from BBC Three show off the Crystal Hall in all its glory (image via

So don your sunglasses for here are the images of the fabulous multi-coloured stage of many colours!

(image via
(image via
(image via
(image via
(image via

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