Eurovision 2018 songs as the soundtrack to animated films? Yes please, and thank you!

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Netta Barzali was a gloriously animated winner of Eurovision this year, bring spark, fun and quirky vivacity to a contest already rich in all three.

So it makes perfect sense that YouTube user, known simply as reviewer, would marry up the songs from this year’s crop of artists with clips from all kinds of animated films such as Toy Story, Tom & Jerry, Tangles, Frozen, Hercules and lots more. (The full list is available below each video on YouTube.)

It’s clever, cute and each clip matches the spirit of its respective song to a tee.

Honestly this is such a perfect match for Eurovision that it should become an official part of the contest.

After all, what with lighting shows, flamboyant vocals, pyrotechnics and stage props. you don’t get more animated than the biggest and best music contest on the planet.



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