Extra! Extra! John Oliver and Cookie Monster spread the news about Words are Here, There and Everywhere

(Image via YouTube (c) Children's Television Workshop)
(Image via YouTube (c) Children’s Television Workshop)



They’re everywhere! Why there’s even quite a few in this blog post. Yes really!

Words, in fact, are so wonderful, so useful and so important that Sesame Workshop, the non profit educational organisation behind Sesame Street, and Mashable have joined forces to produce a delightful news broadcast parody featuring John Oliver (This Week Tonight with John Oliver) and the legendary Cookie Monster, and special guests Al Roker, Nick Offerman and Kate McKinnon, with the sole aim of promoting a new initiative called Words Are Here, There and Everywhere, whose aim is a simple but vital one:

“When children learn new words, it inspires their natural curiosity to explore and discover more about the world around them. Boosting a child’s vocabulary can be as easy as engaging him or her in fun, simple activities and conversations during everyday moments. The more children are encouraged to learn new words—especially in areas such as science, the arts, and math—the stronger their foundation will be for school readiness and future success.”

As someone who grew up with a deep and abiding love of words and reading, which led to a deep and still ongoing love of knowledge in all its many forms, I am excited by Sesame Street finding another amazing way to get today’s kids to fall in love with words just like I did.

It’s so enriching and opens doors to so many wonderful possibilities.

Oh, and if you happen to see John Oliver, tell him that his tie really does look like a chocolate chip cookie pattern.

Just sayin’.

(source: Laughing Squid)


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