Fast bullets and a really serious bad guy: Deadpool 2 drops its final trailer

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Deadpool forming a team of mercenaries and mutants to protect a mysterious kid (Hunt for the Wilderpeople’s Julian Dennison) from the arrival of a hardass cyborg from the future, Thanos. (synopsis (c) io9)

Ladies and gentleman behold – the Merc With the Mouth aka Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (filling forms must take FOREVER!) is back with a final gloriously-silly trailer for Deadpool 2.

As usual, there is irreverence aplenty with an appeal to Thanos to get over the hate, some delightful digs at the seriousness of the DC Universe and the assembling of the rip-off X-Force, now with added super power-absent Peter (who saw the ad for superheroes and decided to apply; guess what? Random Pete gets accepted!)

In amongst all the parodying, wisecracks and gleeful jabs at competing characters and franchises, we get a good old-fashioned, save the innocent kid, stop a convoy, fight evil and yeah, get back on LinkedIn superheo film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet manages to balance some pretty hefty themes and emotive moments, just like its unexpectedly successful predecessor.

Oh and if you’ve wondered what a clown dressed up as a sex toy looks like, wonder no more.

Deadpool 2 opens 17 May Australia and 18 May USA.


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