Forgetful Jedi: Geek Week’s hilarious Star Wars parody

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So here’s the thing.

You’re a noble Jedi Knight sworn to uphold freedom and justice throughout the length and breadth of the Galactic Republic.

To do that you need to battle evil, cunning Sith lords from time to time, light sabres at twenty paces.

And as in all titanic battles between good and evil, there is a strong likelihood you’ll come across the same arch nemesis time and again, your rivalry growing exponentially with each adrenaline-fueled encounter.

But what if one day you found yourself locked in mortal combat once again and couldn’t remember their name?


And very, very funny as this hilarious Star Wars parody, “We Meet Again” (starring Matt Rogers as the forgetful Jedi Jonas and Spencer Novich as Lord Gorba), from online comedy network Average Average and Chess Club Comedy for YouTube’s Geek Week makes abundantly, side-splittingly clear.

Watch it and weep with Force-ful laughter.



* Thanks to the wonderful folks at for bringing this parody gem to my attention. You guys rock!

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