Fun weekend mash-ups: The imaginative cleverness of Frasier looking at video games

(image via Frasier looking at video games (c) Eagle McGill)

I love people who come up with left-of-centre, out-of-the-box way of reinterpreting a much loved character.

It’s a takes a lot of imagination to step away from the known and expected, and it’s apparent that video game designer Eagle McGill from London, profiled in Laughing Squid, has that in spades, taking a shot of Frasier gazing out the window from Frasier‘s series finale “Goodnight Seattle” and having all kinds of fun with it.

Frasier often found solace from the many weird, wonderful and very funny things that happened to him by staring out the window from his beautiful apartment and it’s absolutely apropos that he’d be staring out the window into all kinds of escapist landscapes.

Given how locked down my home city of Sydney is right now – just started week 12 with 5 more to go – it’s a fair bet there are lots of people who could do with this kind of view.

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