Great Scott! Back to the Future doesn’t look quite so shiny in actual 2015

(image via YouTube (c) College Humor)


If there is one thing, among many to be honest, that I loved about Back to the Future films, it was its breathless, glittering expectation of what 2015 would look like.

Way back in 1985, the film franchise, politely putting aside the complete and utter lack fulfilment of the 1950s retro-future world of flying cars and food in pills, has envisaged a land of flying cars, limitless eco-friendly energy, holograms on every cinema frontage and yes, hoverboards.

Alas for all its giddy optimism, and good lord didn’t we love them for it, the real 2015 came and went with nary a sign of any of the future fabulousness encountered by Marty (Michael J. Fox).

Just how disappointing would that have been to the characters? Well, just watch and find out …


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