“Grimm” debuts second season art

With Grimm returning a little earlier than usual to the American broadcast schedule on August 13 as NBC tries to capitalise on its Olympics coverage, it makes sense that they have released the second season artwork which displays our heroes in all their dancing-on-the dark-side-of-fairytales glory.

(image via tvonline.com)

With another Lost alum appearing in the show – Mark Pellegrino who played the island’s ageless protector Jakob appearing as an old pal of Nick Burkhardt’s Hank who is secretly a coyotl (coyote creature) – after The Man in Black’s Titus Welliver made an appearance, this season is shaping up to be even darker and more intriguing than the first.

I can’t wait! (Thankfully for not as long as I normally would. Thank you Olympics!)



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