Haha … oops! Oh the glorious goodness of Ryan Reynolds’ movie bloopers

(image courtesy IMP Awards)


Could I love Ryan Reynolds in a totally non-stalkery, platonic (well not wholly; c’mon I’m only human) best actor ever way any more?

Likely not because my love is deep and wide and hide and dates from 1998 when he appeared in ’90s sitcom Two Guys and Girl and a Pizza Place and won my heart with his quick and adorably charming facial expressions.

And yet, after watching Looper‘s compilation of many of Reynolds’ bloopers from films like the incomparable Deadpool, Blade: Trinity and The Proposal (with the also wonderful Sandra Bullock), I find myself admiring and adoring Reynolds all the more.

How can that be, you ask in wonder? Watch and find out …

(source: Laughing Squid)


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