Halloween books: Who’s the scariest monster in literature?

(image via c|net (c) Morphsuits)
(image via c|net (c) Morphsuits)


So who’s the scariest of them all?

Well, when it comes to monsters in literature that is.

No one doubt there will be as many opinions as there are monsters – as a great big scaredy cat, I will happily admit to finding them all quite scary in their own way – but Morphsuits, which specialises in form-fitting bodysuits to help you live out your fantasy life as a member of The Addams Family or as Superman, have created an infographic that ranks a whole host of monsters in their order of scariness.

Not everyone will agree with their choices – they deem the Dementors from the Harry Potter franchise to be scarier than the White Walkers from Game of Thrones but that’s the fun of these lists!


(image via c|net (c) Morphsuits)
(image via c|net (c) Morphsuits)


As Michael Franco from c|net reports, Morphsuits came up with quite an innovative way of determining who we should fear the worst:

“In determining the ranking of the monsters, the minds at Morphsuits came up with a “scream score” by combining each monster’s appearance, powers and evil intent. So the giant squid from Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea winds up with only a 20 percent scream score, which places it at the bottom of the list.

The scariest monster, according to this very unscientific analysis? Pennywise, the cannibalistic clown from Stephen King’s It gets a perfect 100.”

As I said, I am onboard with all the monsters being deemed to be equally scary but have at it people – who do you think you’d be most frightened off?

To check out the full infographic, go to c|net


(image via c|net (c) Morphsuits)
(image via c|net (c) Morphsuits)

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