Hand of the Queen: How we love thee Tyrion Lannister – let us count the video montage ways

Tyrion Lannister is the best part of Game of Thrones (Sorry Brienne of Tarth, much as I love you that's just the way it is (image courtesy HBO)
Tyrion Lannister is the best part of Game of Thrones (Sorry Brienne of Tarth, much as I love you that’s just the way it is (image courtesy HBO)


Everyone has their favourite character in a TV show.

It doesn’t matter how well-written or acted an ensemble show is, and Game of Thrones is one of the very best of the current crop, there’s always a character or maybe two that grips your imagination or stokes your imagination more than others.

In the case of George R. R. Martin’s mystical, fantastical and yet all too real and bloody take on the pursuit of power, absolute corrupting power, Game of Thrones, it’s Tyrion Lannister for me.

He has demonstrated again and again that he has the wit, wisdom, survival skills, cunning, guile and political nous to come through reasonably unscathed from pretty much anything.

It’s an impressive feat particularly as c|net points when he has gone through so much as demonstrated beautifully by this montage of Tyrion’s most iconic moments by The Garo Studios:

“The video includes some of Peter Dinklage’s finest moments as Tyrion from all six seasons. There are snippets of Tyrion and Jaime’s discussion of beetle-smashing cousin Orson, Tyrion’s final confrontation with his father Tywin, scenes with sister Cersei and with Jon Snow, moments with Daenerys and her dragons, and his dramatic speech at his trial. When told by his jerk of a father that he’s not on trial for being a dwarf, he delivers the perfect comeback: “I have been on trial for that my entire life.”

You can help but admire Tyrion anyway but this video illustrates why there is so much to admire about him and how it’s highly likely that whoever ends up on the Iron Throne – my money is on Daenerys Targaryen by the way – that Tyrion will be the real winner once all the wintery dust has settled.


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