Happiness is belonging: New trailer and poster for Swedish animation gem Ape Star

(image courtesy First Showing)

Jonna is a feisty young orphan who wants to be adopted more than anything. But when her potential new mom drives up to the orphanage, she gets a big shock when the door opens and a gorilla steps out! The ape and girl quickly overcome their physical differences. But will their newfound love survive the scheming of a local bully who’s out to separate the two? Ape Star, also known as Apstjärnan in Swedish or The Ape Star, is made by Swedish-Korean animation producer / filmmaker Linda Hambäck, director of the films The World of Dolores & Gunellen and Gordon & Paddy previously, and a producer on many short films. The screenplay is written by Janne Vierth, adapted from Frida Nilsson’s book of the same name. (synopsis courtesy First Showing)

A little less judging and a whole lot more unconditional loving, thank you.

That’s the loud and clear heartwarming message from Ape Star/Apstjärnan which has just released a delightful where orphan Jonna finally finds her forever home with a most unlikely mother.

Well, in conventional terms anyway.

The fact is that Gorilla turns out to be just what the little orphan girl needs and it doesn’t matter who judges them, they are family.

It looks absolutely delightful and I can only hope it reaches international shores quickly after its screening at this year’s Annecy Festival which runs from 14 to 19 June.

Ape Star/Apstjärnan opens in Sweden in June with international release dates to be announced.

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