Happy 50th birthday Star Trek! Love, Frasier and a whole lot of talented artists

(image via Slash Films (c) Poster Posse)
(image via Slash Films (c) Ben McLeod/Poster Posse)


Has it been 50 years already?

Surely it was just yesterday that we boldly went where no man has gone before, unleashed a whole lot of trouble with Tribbles, and stood gazing from the City on the Edge of Forever?

And yet here we are, not fifty years later (Star Trek: The Original Series aka TOS launched on 8 September 1966 on NBC), with not one but five series under our collective viewing belt (none watched on strange worlds unfortunately) and one in the offing – TOS, The Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9), Voyager and Enterprise, and the upcoming Discovery, but a slew of movies with both the original cast and the TNG one and a reimagined series of films including the recently-release Star Trek Beyond that has given new life to a venerable, still vital franchise.

That’s a lot of warping around the universe, skirmishes with Klingons, Ferengi, Romulans and Cardassians, refusal to interfere in another galactic civilisation’s cultures (god bless the Prime Directive), tachyon emissions and rifts in the space/time continuum and an overwhelming sense that resistance is futile.

To celebrate io9 has pulled this Frasier/Voyager skit from the vaults of the 1996 30th birthday celebrations – they make gentle fun of it but frankly as a fan of both the exquisitely good sitcom and Star Trek, the comedy sketch is tautly-delivered albeit slightly cheesy gem – and a number of amazing artists have come up with truly astonishingly good art (see above and below).

Happy birthday Star Trek and may the next 50 (light) years be every bit as good to you!


You can see a slew of Poster Posse artwork including the pieces below via Slash Film.

(image via Slash Films (c) Poster Posse)
(image via Slash Films (c) Poster Posse)


(image via Slash Films (c) Poster Posse)
(image via Slash Films (c) Poster Posse)

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