Happy shiny zombies: What if everyone in The Walking Dead was understanding and compassionate?

Yes there is a drama but there's also understanding of other people's positions, noble self-sacrifice and empathy ... the fluffy kittens of apocalypses (image (c) UCB Comedy)
Yes there is a drama but there’s also understanding of other people’s positions, noble self-sacrifice and empathy … the fluffy kittens of apocalypses (image (c) UCB Comedy)


You can well understand why The Walking Dead‘s Rick, Daryl, Michonne and the rest of the onetime prison gang (before it was rather shortsightedly blown up by the Governor) don’t always see eye to eye.

After all, fighting for your life against the flesh-eating undead while simultaneously holding on to your humanity can take a toll on a person.

At the end of a long day of fighting off zombies, and fighting off avaricious humans, and sharpening your sword/katana/piece of sharp tubing, there’s precious little left in the tank.

And that’s OK because all the conflict, even amongst people who see themselves as family, is what fuels great drama and makes The Walking Dead such a compelling show to watch.

But what if, wondered the hilarious souls at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Comedy, everyone took the time to see other’s positions, stepped back from looking after Number One and put their fellow person ahead of themselves, instead of carping and sniping and snarking and punching?

What would happen then?

Why this very funny take on apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead is what, where, as Huffington Post notes, there is “understanding, logic and compassion instead of fear, jealousy and inter-cultural loathing” and even the zombies eventually lose interest and shuffle off to find more fractious survivors on which to mindlessly feast.

So harmonious are the group by the end of the sketch that it’s a wonder a round of “Kumbayah” doesn’t break out.

It’s the only thing missing from a very, VERY funny look at the zombie apocalypse.

If you like your zombies with extra angst and infighting, The Walking Dead is back on AMC on Sunday, October 12, 9 pm ET.



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