He even makes adorable webs! Check out Lucas the Spider and his latest creation

(image via YouTube (c) Joshua Slice)


I can totally make a spider web and look I even put a bell at the bottom so when it rings I know I got something then I can have a new friend. This might take a while. I’ll be back. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

You can help but adore the garrulous cuteness of Joshua Slice‘s Lucas the Spider, an arachnid chatterbox who takes great pride and displays ample, contagious enthusiasm for everything he does.

Take spinning webs.

For the non-spiders among us, which is pretty much everyone reading this post since spiders are, by and large, illiterate (but not, I bet, Lucas!), stitching together a beautiful web may seem like a ho-hum undertaking – after all, that’s what spiders do isn’t it? Why get excited by something so mundane?

Well because it’s pretty damn clever, not to mention beautiful and as Lucas joyously observes, you get to meet all kinds of new friends through them.

Or meals, you know because … friends, yes friends is what you get and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! After all, that’s Lucas wants and so should you.


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