Hello Han Grant or is that Cary Solo? Inventive mash-up unites Star Wars and North by Northwest

(image via Laughing Squid)

This time, he is their only hope!
Cary Grant is back in a new galactic adventure!
When Alfred Hitchcock meets George Lucas… (synopsis via Laughing Squid (c) Fabrice Mathieu)

It might seem like the unlikeliest of combinations but French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu has found a way, a highly-talented and brilliantly entertaining way to bring together Star Wars and 1959’s North by Northwest, starring the suave and debonair, and now space seasoned Cary Grant.

They seem like the oddest of mash-up buddies but the combination, the second in a series called Darth by Darthwest – which must lend its name to an edgy Austin, Texas-based festival sooner rather than later or the world is a manifestly unimaginative place – succeeds because Mathieu’s editing skills are so accomplished that you would swear Grant was always wandering around the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca, C3-PO and R2-D2.

After watching this, you might even begin to doubt your own memory.

Did Grant play a key role in liberating the galaxy from the Empire? Was C3-PO a bourbon-dispensing bartender in a past life? And is Grant’s character’s mother in the film really a hologram?

It could all be true and proof is this inspired piece of mash-up filmmaking which is exactly what you need to make your world feel a whole lot more creative again.

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